Where Our $$ Goes

Twitch Goal: August 2020

While we did not plan on hosting most of our content on Twitch, it is the best way for viewers to interact with us and we will always be grateful to their subscriptions, cheers, and bits. However, since becoming Twitch affiliates, we discovered that Twitch takes 50% of streamers’ profits, and streamers do not get a payout if they do not accumulate $100 on their own (so $200 total) at the end of a 30-day period. 

Due to this, we recommend that if you want to donate to us directly, you should show us some love on ko-fi, or a streamlabs donation if we are currently streaming. If you would like to help us achieve the $100 goal, then Twitch subscriptions, cheers and bits would be the best way to go. We may also consider setting up a Youtube partnership in the future, but we’re still trying to work out the logistics of pretty much everything else right now.

For gaming expenses, right now:

  • We share a Google Drive of 2TB at $10/month.
  • Rae has an Adobe Premiere Pro subscription of $20/month.
  • We each have Nintendo Switch Online accounts; Arrow has a family plan shared among family and friends at $35/year, while Rae’s individual plan is $20/year.

Other than these fees that help us with providing content, we did not come into this to make money. So each month, we have a $100 Twitch goal so we can actually get the money you’ve so generously given us. This will cover the monthly expenses listed above and go towards our NSO accounts. In the event that we receive more than $100 but less than $150, this will be split or saved between the both of us for future expenses, commissions, or emergencies.

Beyond this, we will donate the rest of our money to a laundry list of charities that we will discuss and do thorough research on between ourselves. However, as this has not actually occurred yet, our charity list is current under construction. If you are interested in donating to charities with causes that we are invested in, please consider SAGE and ACT UP.